Factors Determining the Best Cure for Eczema

Eczema of the atopic dermatitis classification which may start early in one’s life as a child and in which quickly can become worse and generalized.  It has the potential to spread recklessly about the body for no apparent reason other than the single symptom of generalized itching.  Indeed, this maybe a parent’s worst nightmare and finding the best cure for eczema of this severity may seem overwhelming. The internet is filled with horror stories with common themes of isolation and helplessness from the end result of Western medicine treatment and so it is important to weigh all options prior to taking the path of a steroid regiment.

Current evidence suggest that a possible dysfunction in the autoimmune T-cells may be related to this spread and exacerbated by the patients associated Staphylococcal bacterial susceptibility. To complicate the underlying etiology, atopic dermatitis can also run in families and hence have a hereditary component. The heredity may be a dysfunction in T-cell expression. Compelling evidence also establishes gluten which is found in wheat, rye, and barley grains to be a possible causative factor of your eczema and may also be related to other ailments that you may experience. Gluten maybe associated with T-cell dysfunction and hence restricting gluten consumption should first be considered when determining the best eczema cure.

Eczema of the atopic dermatitis classification can present different per individual and diligence of the history of symptoms is extremely important.  The most common affected area of the body are the bends of the elbows and knees as well as wrist and neck areas, but may present anywhere. Recurring red and dry skin in patches with scratching artifacts typical and resulting skin thickening. Worse symptoms include bumps and small water blisters that can weep and are painful on the feet and hand palms. Cold weather and other stimuli can exacerbate redness and blister formation on hands.

Western medicine will use its mainstay treatment for eczema exacerbation with topical and oral tapered steroid treatment. Initially this treatment is very effective as it inhibits T-cells and thins the thick red patches or plaques. Over time however a tolerance is developed by the patient and stronger doses are required which eventually becomes a treating factor. This results in cyclic exacerbation and remission of the affected individual hence this should not be considered the best cure for eczema.

Eczema of the atopic dermatitis classification presented prior to Western medicine and stands to reason that Eastern medicine has spent more time empirically studying such treatment. It turns out that the underlying etiology of most chronic dermatitis like eczema of the atopic dermatitis classification have similar causative factors as most surround T-cell functionality. They may present vastly different between patients but can clearly be treatable using long standing Eastern medicine expertise and should be strongly considered when looking for the best cure for eczema.

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